I would give my world to them.

Would you like to be young again? Sometimes it’s okay to reminise and want to be young again but I think thats the beauty of life. It brings you through many stages of life and we’ve got to enjoy it. I love where I am. And I love what I can do.

Our chem class went to lower primary today for about 45 minutes to do experiments with the first graders. Not On them, although it is tempting. Hynah. I was prepared and excited before heading over. But I definetly under estimated the fun. Walking into the clusters reminded of the summer, when I was the teacher assistant for R1 and R2 day camp. The teachers were talking to them whilst we prepared and got ready. Once that was done, we were each assigned two first graders.

Saejin LPSophia LP

The teacher have told us that Saejin and Sophia were the quiet ones. I was pleased but I didn’t want them to be totally quiet and un responsive. They were perfect. They walked over and immediatly gave me a high five. They were smart kids and very observative which was good because it made our job alot easier. They were curious. They listened to you. They asked you questions. They both always had a smile on their face. I love the way they look at you with a big grin on their face, it is simply beautiful. It is not a fake smile, which many of us deal with. They were paying their full attention to you. They are honest, you can tell if they’re upset, you can tell if they’re bored, and the best, you can tell when they’re truly having fun. And this is what I saw.

I wouldn’t want to do this everyday because I know my patience has a limit and I don’t want to face to horrors of them everyday. But times like today, I felt like I have forgotten everything in those 45 minutes time I spent with them. I have given my world to them, and it’s beautiful how they have given me the best feeling.

How amazing is God’s creation.


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