Letting yourself be changed.

Sometimes you’ve got to let yourself be changed. That’s something I learned. Well.. and having patience. Someone will know about that. It’s been an interesting night, but fun. At times, we are so caught up in our world, that we don’t look at things around us. We don’t let ourselves be changed. It’s so important for us to let God mold us. change us. Into who He wants us to be. Because he knows what’s best for us.

Surroundering to God. How? There’s not going to be a full answer to that question. But first is to lift up all your problems to God. It’s a decision that you will make, deciding that you will give yourself up to him. You won’t be changed in a seconds time, but if you be patience. Psalm 37 says “Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” It will take time. But have faith and you will be changed.

Tomorrow is friday. So great. Really. Today was a normal school day but we have two new students in our grade, their first day was today. I got a chance to meet both of them and it was really good to talk to them and get to know them. Weeks gone by pretty slowly, but it’s been a good week afterall. Many people who I don’t usually talk to have called me or texted me to talk at random times and it’s such a nice feeling. It was good to hang out with my best friend today. Even though It was spazzing and complaining and me laughing at her. I still had alot of fun and I love it when we have the time to talk about things. Especially about God. It makes me so happy being able to share thoughts together.

It’s almost 1 in the morning. But It was all worth it and I’m smiling.


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One thought on “Letting yourself be changed.

  1. i cant say much because i’m really tired, but all i can say is:
    what a night.
    and so much for “working” HAHAHA.

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