Two more days till the weekend. It will be good. I’m so excited to see and hang out with the people I’m meeting with. And the things I’m doing. Friday will be a good encounter. Hynah is playing and I am happy to be able to hang out with him again.. Saturday is a pretty packed day, and of course how can I not be excited for Church on Sunday? I can’t wait. Hang in there guys, we’re almost there.

Sometimes life hits you in the head. For the past few days, I haven’t been talking to one of my friends due to various reasons. Hearing from someone that he’s not doing well hits me hard. I’ve thought that he’s doing good. He looks happy around. The reasons are stupid.. or maybe I just don’t care anymore. But I know deep down, I care alot about him. Sunday we talked about friendship. Fish Kelly talked about being disciples of Christ. And yet I’m still the way I am. Being an ambassador, and being the social person I am, I don’t understand.. It’s hard to communicate, It’s hard to get through to you. But I know with time and Christ in me, I will gain the trust and will be easier.

Any Prayer Requests?


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3 thoughts on “Midweek

  1. hey jo jo
    funny isn’t it, how we’re inspired by sermoms and messages, but yet we still don’t challenge ourselves. we’re pretty lethargic creatures, aren’t we, or perhaps just down right selfish.
    either way, i’m glad you’ve taken heart to the matter and geniuley care about those around you who need a little extra loving. you’ve always had a talent with that – make people feel valued. don’t get too discourage, you have the power of Christ within you. and you and God are a deadly combination – can do some earthshattering things! mwahahahaha.
    – corrie

  2. almost thereeeeeeeee WEEKEND HERE I COME hahaha hey, ok dinner 5:30 friday night with cindy, can you make it? not quite sure where. send her an email. somewhere near the corner

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