Are you following Him?

There are times in our lives where we wish to be just like someone. Where we follow them around, we idolize them, we think they’re the best. We want to talk about them all the time, we want to be around them all the time. Anyone you thinking of right now? it’s probably not God you’re thinking about. But it should be. How many times have you had to choose between youth group and a party on a friday night? When that happens, are you able to tell them, I’m going to youth group before “I’m following Jesus.”? it takes alot to say that, especially at our age when we can easily be judged. But I love going to youth group. Encounter is great. This year the worship has improved and i love it. The past two fridays i have been and by the last song we are singing, my voice is cracking and i am losing it. It’s a relaxing place after a long week of school, just talking to friends and feeling the spirit of God is amazing.

A few days ago, I recieved an email and it hurt me to read it. One of my friend’s having family problems and I just pray that God will keep them strong no matter what happens. That they keep seeking You and will never fail to feel the love from You. I pray that God is there with them every step of the way. I’ll continue to pray for you as time passes by.

On another hand, while I was walking to the bus stop in wanchai, I walked across the bridge between the bus stop side and the kublais side of the road. I feel great everytime I walk there because Hong Kong is beautiful at night.  To see all the street signs as well as all the cars passing by below the bridge. Somtimes when I think about going to college, though I am excited I cannot imagine living away from Hong Kong. No place can be compared to Hong Kong, the food, the night life, the safety around.. the best place to be in.

Though Hong Kong’s got great city life, I also love the other side of the island. Where I live around, it is not crowded anymore after 9 at night. Shops are closed, the only that is open is resturants but still, they are quiet and peaceful. One of my favorite part about stanley is the infamous “rocks”. Right next to the ocean, a huge pile of rocks where many go to enjoy their time. Everytime I go there, I sit and listen to the waves.. so calming. I also enjoy bringing friends there. Many would say it’s boring but I enjoy just sitting somewhere quiet and talking with friends. I think it’s one of the best things to do with friends and by myself. One of my theories: We don’t always have to be doing something to have fun.

This post isn’t one of the best, might be quite a bit of repetition. There’s really so much I can do at 3 in the morning. Even though, my english isn’t that great in the beginning hence the name Gramatically Challenged. Hynah.


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One thought on “Are you following Him?

  1. heeey yeah went to stanley today. took some pictures. lol. photoooo and i PROMISE i wont forget my camera tomorrow. well acutally….film. we dont need to bring our cameras no?

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