Thursday but Friday.

It’s 1am and I’m getting tired. But it’s been a good day. Long day at school, but good nonetheless. Open night at school was hectic as usual. Parents running around trying to find classrooms and bombguarding us with questions- some I couldn’t even answer. Most parents were very grateful and some even remembered me from previous years! It’s quite a  nice satisfication to be able to help them and be a part of their HKIS parent journey.

After open house, it was good hanging out with a friend. It’s been a while, and I enjoyed chatting and laughing with him again. We watched some videos and I was proud of his film work and thought they were awesome.

As usual, talking to a friend on the phone is always nice. Too bad I won’t have a chance to see him anytime soon because he’s so busy staying till late into the night at work and having to host friends from all over. I cannot wait till I get a chance to see him, all the things we said we would do. I am reminded of him by lots of things that I see around.

Three day weekend. I’m excited. But I’ve got heck loads of work. Hoping to relax at home, go to a party or two, chill out with friends. It’ll be a good weekend. I’m tired now, but we’ll see how long I’ll be saying that before I actually go to bed.


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