Damn, It’s been a long day. I’ve been having bad luck all day and it’s driving my crazy. Stupid things but it all adds up. I had a chance to see my cousin tonight, before she leaves tomorrow. but they were having dinner way too far and I was already cranky and tired so no point going. I knew how it would turn out and I might as well avoid that situation. I was annoyed by everything, wasn’t my best mood. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything or see anyone. Except for maybe one or two people that no matter what mood I was in, I wanted to see them cause I know it would make me happy just seeing them.

Tomorrow is the last school day of the week, this weeks gone by pretty quickly. I still have to be at school until around 8pm. Open House for parents and for us ambassador’s, it’s always quite fun just hanging around and talking to each other when parents are in the classrooms. I don’t have much planned for the long weekend, but I’m excited just to hang out at home, swimming, play some basketball and just relax.

I hate it when I’m this way. It really doesn’t bring out the best in me. Sigh…


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One thought on “Exhaustion

  1. hey jo,
    no worries now, right? you’ll realize soon enough you’ll be what you would call your “normal-self.” =) anyways, i have a feeling going to SAT class for x hours can make anyone a little more cranky. it definitley did for me yesterday! i hope those cartoons i showed you cheered you up.
    let’s party. we have encounter on friday. and a three dak week-end. woot woot.
    – cor

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