I am happy.

Tis’ good. Though school was quite long and I had a bit of a trouble staying awake in all classes, it was a good day afterall. I was tempted at times to be unhappy, to not talk to anyone and sulk like quite a few times last week but I did not. Because God’s power was larger than Satan’s. Everytime I was getting to that point, I was reminded that I was of the post I wrote last night.

Exercising with my best friend always makes me happy. Even though we wern’t playing a game, it was intense and I made quite alot of my shots. It was a good ab workout too, even though it’s all because I’m laughing at her. Met this guy who use to go to our school many years ago, didn’t get his contact though unfortunatly. He seemed like a cool guy. His father got injured and was leaping his way out. I was debating to ask if he was alright or not, because this was before we talked, I would’ve looked like a fool. People will say, if you’re playing basketball, just play, what other people do is none of your business. But I felt the spirit telling me to help others, because that is what we’re called to do. In the end, I asked if he was alright and if he needed any ice. Whether I looked like a fool or not, I felt better, I fely happy.

Getting a text message from a friend that says “Hi! How are you? What’s going on? Did you have a good sunday? … Hope your day was better than mine!” is pretty normal. To many, it is nothing. it is just a simple text message. But to me, it’s more than a message. It meant a friendship. Especially from someone much older, who has a busy job, travels alotl, have many other friends and a life of his own. Why would he take time or even have time to think about someone my age? No matter how bad my day could be, recieveing a text message or a phone call from him always makes it better. This is what we should do, care about others, and check up on them no matter how busy you are. You don’t have to talk to them for hours, spend lots of money or buy them a big gift to help them feel better. Simple little things like this can make someone go crazy. I am happy and tis’ all good.


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