Off the road.

During communion,we had a time to think about our sins, confess our sins and think about our walk with God. I then realized that I was off the road. I have always known that life is a long road, and we’re walking with God down that path. Once we stray away, we are not with God anymore, we believe we can walk and control the road by ourselves. That’s when things get hard, and we blame God for it.

The past few days, few weeks I have been so uptight about school, meeting new people, and a bunch of other things, I forgot to be in love with God and to live everyday for him. It has been put back to the back of my mind and everything else was first. That’s when Satan attacked me, at my weakest point with my relationship with Christ. He tempted me to go a different path, and I took it. So many times, I have been upset and quiet for reasons I don’t even know. I search for reasons that I’m upset, and I realize I am looking for the wrong thing. I am not following God’s plan anymore, I am looking for my own satisfaction and it’s not there.

God implicates to us .. “you should not feel good about yourself because of what other people think but because of what I think” I have to stop looking for what a specific person will think of me, stop trying to impress. We are God’s adam and eve and his love for us is overflowing.

“Why do bad things happen? Because it keeps us aware of our lack of control” was one thing the sermon talked about this morning. There are so many distractions, we can’t control everything. Going to school will tempt me in so many ways, but I trust that God will give me the strength and the wisdom to stay on the path, on the journey with Him.

Once again, He proves to me that He always knows what we need to hear at the time we need to hear it the most. Not only for me, but for everyone, I pray that you are on the right track, letting God guide you through his plan because “instead of being in our own story where we are the main character, we are a part of a bigger story, God’s story”.

To my best friend: I pray that you give “her” strength to trust in you and take the risk, that you are there for her every step of the way, that she looks for guidance through you instead of letting her own emotions do the job. Decisions are always hard, and not knowing what to do is even harder. This is when she needs you the most, to bury her fears and overcome them. For that to happen, I pray that she will come to you looking for the answer.


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4 thoughts on “Off the road.

  1. hey jo.
    thank you for your post. i think it is just what i really needed to hear/read right now. i’m so glad that you have decided to allow God to take control of your life again, because i really need to do the same. don’t stop shining for jesus :)!
    i’m so thankful to have such an amazing friend like you.

  2. jo jo,
    you hit straight on. seriously. i’m amazed with how much you’ve grown this year with God, it’s quite beautiful. it reminds me of a verse i once read in Galatians.
    Galatians 1:10 “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, i would net be a servant of Christ.”
    it’s hard to serve Christ. period, with no buts. you’re right, only after we get off the road do we realize we need to hop right back on. reminds me of the story that was told at the Rising last year, about how the guy got lost on the road and started heading off the highway. remember?
    anyways, keep it up jo! dig into the word and surround yourself with fellowship. you’re awesome and make me proud =).
    – cor

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