A few words

1) I’ve missed you the past week. I haven’t seen you in a few weeks and it bugs me. I think about you often and wonder how you’re doing. Even though when we hang out, I don’t have much to say. It’s good to hear from you and to know that you’re back in town. Seeing your name on top of the text message makes me smile, it reassures me everytime that you haven’t forgotten about me. I hope to see you soon.

2) Some friends say they can see us together. It’s funny. But everytime I see you, I smile. We have our silence moments and we have our jokey moments and to me, they’re all good. Getting text messages from you are always a plus. When you smile at me, it makes me warm. I can’t wait till I get to know you even more…

3) Hynah. We need to hang out.

4) I haven’t hung out with you two for a while. And we need to hang out because I miss it! Even though half the time is spent with you guys making fun of me. You guys give me advice and insights and make me laugh at the same time.

Just thought I’d write something like this.

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