Rough Day, Yet…

It’s been a rough day at school. Not classesbut just in general. It was the first FISH day of the year. FISH is a christian club lead by student leaders, today our advisor decided to invite the High School Principal to speak. Whom not many students like her since the first day of school assembly. It hurts to know that so many people did not go just because she was speaking. I would be one of them I have to admit, but I decided to give her a chance, besides I was one of the leaders. She did talk about her faith and I have to give her credit for that, but alot of times she talked about acadamics, school, how teachers and parents were there to help you work and study. I did not enjoy that at all, it was suppose to be an enviornment where we need not to be reminded of school but to praise and worship God. I felt it was a bad start to the year, would many people come after today? Would they have an bad impression of Fish? I don’t know, but I cannot change what has happened, I just have to pray that it will get better and I will feel better about it, pray that God leads me through this experience and through this year.

Sometimes to lift your mood, you don’t need everything to work out the way you want to. Of course, that’s what you wish for. But don’t have such high expectation! I came home from SAT tutor and having a krispy kreme donut and started working. I finished my work for tomorrow, and continued working for thursday. I was so productive, I didn’t want to stop, It’s scaring myself a little, but I’m quite proud of myself. I have a feeling I will do well this year and it will be good. And the thought of that makes me smile.

A friend of mine showed me how much he cared about me tonight and it makes me happy. It makes my heart warm, when not only he sends a message afterschool wondering if I was alright. Because I didn’t reply, he sent me another one quite a few hours later asking again because he hasn’t heard from me. He also offered for me to call him to talk if I wanted to. He is a new student this year and don’t know much about me, and yet he cares enough to send me a simple text message. Sometimes that’s what we need, someone that is on the edge of our life to step in to our life and let us know that they care.


What is this? You’re probably thinking right now. This is a pen that my parent’s friend brought for me from Brunei. My dad walked into the room with this while I was doing my homework and freaked me out a little bit. I grinned when I saw this. Not only it’s 11 inches long, it’s actually a real pen and you can use it- although it is a little hard. It’s awesome, everytime I look at it- i continue to grin at it.

This has been long and I promise I’ll end with this. I had photography class today and I needed a camara. Jon, regardless of whether he went home late or not, he woke up at 6:30 in the morning, not normal for him. trust me. He drove over to my house, gave me the camara and drove me to school. Seeing him at 7:15 in the morning is new, it was good to see him though, especially at the beginning of the day. The past few days I haven’t been talking to him as much, cause I’ve been at school and he’s been well… Busy. Thank you though, not many people are willing to do that so damn early in the morning. Hynah.


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3 thoughts on “Rough Day, Yet…

  1. HAHAHAHAH that’s a huge pen! =| but it’s awesome! anyways, just droppin byt o leave a comment cuz it’s been forever since we talked! hope things are going well for you over there in hk! wow jo’s turning into a nerd!!! ahahaha gosh and you call ME a nerd!! ahahaha i’m kidding!! anyways, i’ll talk to ya soon =)

    nudge nudge you know what i’m talking about πŸ˜‰
    you know what…we need to hang out because we just do and we havent talked or hung out in a very very very long time. are you going to the first encounter this friday? actually i’ll ask you right now…okay so you’re going. i dont know if i can make it!! maybe a little later or something, because it’s esther wong’s birthday this friday! i’m so proud of you, working early, finishing work for tomorrow….i cant do that…i could never do that…well maybe i’ll try but its just are a crazy nerd from nerdlandia (my friend sho came up with that).
    anyways, we are in homeroom…LONG homeroom woot woot and you eat my apples.
    love you jo, and you dont need to ask anymore πŸ™‚
    jess jess

  3. i like da cookie…(over the hedge…hammy…you need to go freaking watch that…we are so going to watch that πŸ™‚ ) I LIKE DA COOKIE I LIKE DA COOOKIE just like I LIKE DA PENNN I LIKE DA PENNN (repreat in high squeaky voice…its more entertaining that way and my retarded loserness should radiate through the computer screen)

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