Even two hours after we played basketball, I am still in my room smiling and laughing. My mom must think I am a freak. The school day was alright, nothing special. But playing basketball at the American Club with 6 of my friends makes my day like no other. This is the second time we have played 3 on 3 at the AC. It is some intense running and basketball, and yet we crack jokes, we laugh at each other almost every minute. With us all fumbling the ball, falling on each other, screaming to scare our opponents, two people jumping for the ball and no one else there and yet it still somehow goes in between us and we totally miss the ball, making someone laugh so hard it hurts, and so much more.

There are no words to describe how much fun I had. I didn’t think about anything except playing basketball and enjoying the moment with those friends. It is something I will remember forever. When we all graduate from college and meet up for a drink, the conversation will start with “Remember that time she just fell on the ground while walking around on the court? And her excuse was – my legs collasped.” It is so nice to be able to look around with all my friends laughing so hard they end up on the floor. I thank all of you – you know who you are – who played today, for making my day. We should make this a weekly routine. You guys are great.


P.s. This makes me laugh..

jessy (
» yeah its just too bad i can’t spread all my coolness
» somehow, no matter how hard i try, it just can’t rub off onto other people!
» sometimes it makes me feel bad, its like i’m hogging all the coolness! i guess             coolness is one of those things that people just have to creat for themselves.

-_=C(-)R!$=_- (
» jessy is too cool for school

jessy (
» and yes, i’m a beast that is too cool for school

Jo |
» ha ha. see you tomorrow jessy who’s too cool for school!
jessy (
» no i’m a BEAST that is too cool for school
Jo |
» oh.. i’m sorry

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5 thoughts on “Growl…

  1. GROWL!!! That’s me… haha. Don’t know why I said that… probably to break your concentration ^^ and it worked!! We were laughing after that and my chest was hurting so bad… Yea, like I said, imagine what would happen if I sneezed. 😀
    When I read you’re blog it made me laugh so hard that it hurt again ^^ and it also meant a lot to me.
    I look forward to other times of good friendship like this night. It was really awesome.
    Cya at school


  2. your mum wouldn’t be surprised, she gets used to it. She believes you are crazy. Smiling and laughing at yourself is one the usuals. Lol

    Hope you always have such a good time with you friends.

  3. thats right. i’m a beast. hahah. yeah i dont know about that.
    ahahah. today was a lot of fun. your post made me smile and laugh too remembering all the times (except for the fact that i like aired every single one of my shots!!! but you know…now i can only get better. next time i will be on fire like i was last time. BE PREPARED.) and really, my leg did just collapse! but yeah, it is fun.
    and i hope chris is ok! i was trying to be so gentle, but you know, once i fall, it’s like contagious, everyone else does it too. hahaha.

  4. Hmm. I never get invited. I guess I’m not cool… *sigh*
    I’m glad you had so much fun anyway! See you around 🙂

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